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Dr. Khalil Khalili


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Dr. Khalili received his BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology-Tehran in 1989. He then attended University of Salford where he gained his MSc degree in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering- Manchester-UK. in 1992. Following this, Khalili continued his studies at the same university, where he obtained his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1996.Later, he followed his research through a Post-Doctoral at the University of Nottingham-UK in 2003.

Dr. Khalili's research interests include Flexible Metrology and ManufacturingSystems, Machine Vision Applications, Reverse Engineering and 3D Modeling, and Metal Forming Processes.



Journal Papers: 34


Conference full-papers: 81

Thesis Supervision:MSc: 32, PhD: 9

Research Projects:14 including 6 national research projects

Patents: 4

Previous administrative experiences:

- President: Birjand University of Mine and Industry; (2005 to 2007)

- Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Birjand; (2003 to 2005)

- Head of International Office relations, University of Birjand; (2003 to 2005)

- Vice President for Education, University of Birjand; (2001 to 2003)

- Dean of Faculty of Technology, University of Birjand; (1998-2001)

- Vise-Dean of Faculty of Technology, University of Birjand; (1999-1998)