Aug 21 2018.

The international Scientific Collaboration Office of the University of Birjand aims at pursuing plans and measures related to expanding relations with other universities and educational-research institutes, inside and outside of the country and benefit from establishing these relations. Moreover, the main objective of this center is strengthening academic status and credit of the University locally and internationally. The following are among the main duties and goals:

• Corresponding with international universities and academic centers

• Hosting guests from international universities and organizations visiting the University of Birjand, and sending professional representatives to visit and negotiate with other universities

• Coordinating international academic seminars, congresses, and conferences held by other units and faculties, and reporting the required expenditures to those in charge 

• Taking required measures for attendance of the University of Birjand academic members in local and international seminars, congresses, and conferences

 • Conducting affairs related to scholarships, sabbatical occasions, and academic trips of academic members via cooperation with educational-research vice-chancelleries

• Preparing grounds for Iranians living abroad to cooperate with the University of Birjand

• Preparing grounds for admission of non-Iranian students and supervising non-Iranian students who are studying at the University of Birjand

• Preparing and signing academic, research, and cultural agreements with other universities, research centers, local, and international academic associations

• Conducting affairs related to the University of Birjand membership in international organizations and academic associations

• Cooperating with Iranian organizations and institutes concerned with international affairs

• Announcing international professional seminars and conferences, call for papers, workshops, scholarships, and intensive or extensive training courses held in foreign universities and research centers