Aug 21 2018.

The Most Notable Success in Academic Activities by the Department

- Managing and supervising the implementation of all policies, regulations and procedures of education, in accordance with the laws, bylaws, regulations and rules of procedure of the extended approach to graduate

- Following up Committee received permission to establish the characteristics of the University of Birjand

- Increasing the quality of graduate program 

- Preparing and educational planning in line with the vision of a comprehensive map of universities

- Organizing workshops, Educating courses and apprenticeship empower faculty

- Evaluating and revising curriculum and plan for improving academic skills and practice


Duties of Academic Management

 - Implementing of all Educating programs delivered by the faculties

 - Preparing and Educating service regulations and recommendations to the Council of University

- Statement of Registration Necessity

 - Planning to introduce new students to the teaching subjects and some educational rules

 - Notifiying of all circulars, notices and regulations and disciplinary Educating to students through faculties

 - Counciling to notify all of the faculties of the University and supervising their implementation

- Taking the necessary measures to determine the date of exams each semester, in collaboration with of the facultiesof the University and supervising its execution and delivery of the violations to the educational council

- investigating of the transactions demand, eliminating the semester, continuing education, absence exams, cheating and ... Recommendations to the Counci of the Universityl

- Approving the student cards and certificating them

- Creating and maintaining filing systems on the Graduation

 - Creating a database on the number of points during the students ' academic , educational status , number of graduates , the number of teachers according to fields and at different levels and other educational information

- Taking the necessary measures in order to determine the student's educational model which is based on guidelines issued by the Council

- Announcing during the graduate education

- Taking the necessary actions regarding undergraduate and postgraduate certificate

- Reviewing all educational programs in collaboration with relevant units toward educational goals