Aug 21 2018.

Introducing Central Library of the University of Birjand

Introducing Central Library of the University of Birjand

This central Library was established in 1977 and has an area of around 1800 m2. Books in this library are categorized according to the book categorization system of the Library of Congress (LC) of the United States and has numerous main sources of basic sciences, engineering, agriculture and human sciences. The software used is Simurgh, which was purchased and installed in 1997.


---Providing, organizing and offering services required for researchers to progress in education and research

---Helping educational programs in university in different degrees and levels

---Helping research programs

---Integrating library materials including printed, non-printed or electronic

---Implementing technical services (listing, organizing and profile making) for all libraries

---Guiding and instructing the students to have  better knowlede in using the  information sources

---Guiding and consulting with the researchers in the course of research


Working Hours

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Saturday until Wednesday

7:30 until 14:00

8:00 until 22:00

8:00 until 14:00

Thursday until Friday


8:00 until 22:00